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  1. Spring Love

    Spring Love

    The finest spring fresh flowers. Shows the love and best wishes to bright up everyone's day
    Flor De Monterey local special only, Learn More
  2. Island Memories Casket Spray

    Island Memories Casket Spray

    Tropical flowers evoke tropical breezes in this modern style casket spray. Deep red ti leaves and aspidistra leaves frame fresh and fragrant yellow lilies and chrysanthemums, along with orange orchids, roses and red gladioli.
    Product ID: T244-3 Learn More
  3. River Cane Cross

    River Cane Cross

    The depth of your faith is sincerely expressed in this simple but elegant cross presented as a standing spray on an easel.
    Product ID: T244-2 Learn More
  4. Bountiful Memories Casket Spray

    Bountiful Memories Casket Spray

    Matching luminous all white flowers and delicate garden greenery is an elegantly simple way to lend serenity and quiet strength to the bereaved during a time of great reflection, and pay tribute to the deceased with affection and grace.
    Product ID: T242-4 Learn More
  5. Strength and Wisdom Casket Spray

    Strength and Wisdom Casket Spray

    A dramatic contrast of brilliant red and tranquil white flowers expresses the range of emotions coloring the memorial experience, offering consolation and hope for the future to loved ones, family and friends.
    Product ID: T242-3 Learn More
  6. Graceful Grandeur Casket Spray

    Graceful Grandeur Casket Spray

    Joyous times and golden memories are recalled with this lovely half-couch casket spray that consoles the bereaved with a sunny array of beautiful blooms.
    Product ID: T242-1 Learn More
  7. Reflections of Glory Wreath

    Reflections of Glory Wreath

    An elegant ring of serene white flowers topped with bold red and blue blooms is a strong and loving tribute to a life distinguished by patriotism, honor and dedication to country.
    Product ID: T241-1 Learn More
  8. Distinguished Service Casket Spray

    Distinguished Service Casket Spray

    For a military or private funeral, this classic half-couch casket spray is a proud and patriotic way to pay lasting tribute to an loved one's esteemed memory, life of service and dedication to freedom.
    Product ID: T240-3 Learn More
  9. Sacred Duty Spray

    Sacred Duty Spray

    Sparkling like an Independence Day fireworks display, a striking red, white and blue spray stands tall proud and patriotic. Bearing the colors of our nation's flag, it's a grand and fitting tribute to members of the military and American heroes.
    Product ID: T240-2 Learn More
  10. With Distinction

    With Distinction

    A classic all-American display of patriotic red, white and blue flowers pays tribute to the memory of one who proudly served his country, and is a testament to hope, freedom and strength.
    Product ID: T240-1 Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 73 total

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