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Green Plants

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  1. Elegant Orchid

    Elegant Orchid

    As easy to enjoy as it is hard to pronounce, the exotic Phalaenopsis orchid adds elegant beauty to any setting. Our phalaenopsis orchid arrives fresh and beautiful, budding and ready to display gorgeous white blooms. Accented with green moss and willow branches.
    Product ID: A18436 Learn More
  2. Medium Spathiphyllum

    Medium Spathiphyllum

    This easy-to-care for plant with its shiny dark green leaves and white flowers is the perfect complement to any home or office. And that special someone will be perfectly complimented, too.
    Product ID: T133-3 Learn More
  3. Large Basket

    Large Basket

    This impressive garden of indoor plants will be a warm welcome to any home or office. And you'll get glowing reviews for sending it.
    Product ID: T138-1 Learn More
  4. White Phalaenopsis

    White Phalaenopsis

    Always a classic, to be welcomed with gratitude and admiration; this lovely, long-lasting orchid will bloom for up to two full months. The perfect gift for any occasion.
    Product ID: T141-1 Learn More
  5. Dulce Duet

    Dulce Duet

    When the guy - or gal - in your life receives this artistic arrangement of two white phalaenopsis orchids, planted side-by-side in a pedestal urn, they just might sing a sweet song to you! This elegant floral gift is like a double serving of beauty.
    Product ID: TW394 Learn More
  6. Large Spathiphyllum

    Large Spathiphyllum

    This floor-sized plant with its shiny dark green leaves produces striking white lily-like flowers all year. Perfect for home or office.
    Product ID: T133-1 Learn More
  7. Silver Celebration Orchids

    Silver Celebration Orchids

    Sophisticated silver. This orchid planter emphasizes its own essential architectural elements with regal bearing. To celebrate a special event or fete a fabulous friend, send as a gift or decorative accent in lavish style.
    Product ID: A18953 Learn More
  8. Garden Orchid Medley

    Garden Orchid Medley

    The exotic orchid has long been a symbol of luxurious beauty. This magnificent mini orchid garden delivers opulent beauty to any celebration, composed of a pink Phalaenopsis orchid, a yellow Guzmania Bromeliad and a Red Vriesea Bromeliad. Arriving in a classic terracotta clay pot, it's a triple surprise that will make a lasting impression on friends, family and those close to your heart.
    Product ID: A18905 Learn More
  9. Asian Artistry Orchid Garden

    Asian Artistry Orchid Garden

    Understated elegance. When you want to keep your interiors light and fresh, simple designs, neutral hues and the unexpected pop of an accent color create an effortless sophistication. This floral design takes its inspirations from a Zen garden, and the purity of its simple lines will look wonderful in any room.
    Product ID: A18944 Learn More
  10. Square Container

    Succulents Garden

    Make someone smile with this lovely and unique plant. Succulents are known for retaining water and easily adapting to arid climates and soil conditions, making them an easy-to-care-for gift for birthdays, housewarmings or just because! Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 22 total

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